Westpac Rescue Helicopter crashes into Waikato bush while on its way to collect patient

Police have now secured the site where a Westpac Rescue Helicopter crashed on Waikato's Mt Pirongia.

Search and Rescue's chief operating officer Chris Moody said the Hamilton based Rescue Helicopter was on its way to a patient on Mount Pirongia, a popular hiking and recreational area located in the Waikato region.

Moody said, during the flight, an incident occurred that resulted in a "heavy landing".

"On board at the time were our pilot, critical care flight paramedic, and crewman," Moody said.

He confirmed no reports of injuries in relation to the people on board. 

"Upon receiving news of the incident, two additional aircraft were immediately dispatched to the scene to provide assistance," Moody said.

"Their primary mission was to locate and extract both the patient and the helicopter's crew in a safe and efficient manner," he said.

"The swift response ensured that those involved in the incident were helped promptly and without any reported injuries."

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have been informed and the helicopter remains in dense bush.