Major shouting match in Auckland as Stop Co-Governance movement clashes with counter-protesters

There was a major shouting match in downtown Auckland on Saturday as opposing protest groups clashed.

The 'Stop Co-Governance' movement led by Julian Batchelor faced off against a group opposed to their beliefs.

They were successfully separated by multiple rows of police officers.

"[There were] five boys right at the front shouting sort-of Nazi slurs and things like that. 'Go home savages, go home' kind of thing. Not very professional," one member of the opposing protest group told Newshub.

"I think we've got great unity. And the irony is you've got the protesters who are saying 'honour Te Tiriti' and I'm the only guy in the country who's doing it," Batchelor told Newshub.

After leaving Britomart, the 'Stop Co-Governance' protesters made their way up Queen Street led by Brian Tamaki, who concluded the march with a political rally for his party Freedoms New Zealand. 

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