The Project: Pest control expert Owen Stobart's tips for summer bug infestations

This summer is forecast to be hot and dry thanks to El Niño making a comeback - so if you're sick of the rain and cold, this is surely welcome news.

But we won't be the only ones crawling out of our winter-induced hideaways.

Insects also love the heat of summer, so The Project spoke to bug exterminator Owen Stobart from Aces Pest Control to see how Kiwis can sleep without worrying about tiny intruders as the nights warm up.

He said there'll be both winners and losers if the heat really cranks up.

"Generally that [heat] is good for insects, so there could quite be a few more flies," he told co-host Jesse Mulligan.

To prevent flies, he suggested putting away all food and making sure food scraps and other bins have well-fitting lids.

"And where you can, put up a barrier to stop them flying in [the house]."

But cockroaches won't do so well, Stobart said, because their natural environment is bark gardens - somewhere cool and damp.

Mosquitoes may be fewer in number too, because they too like watery environments to breed.

So what about rodents?

Stobart recommended limiting sources of water around the home, because "they will change their behaviour and adapt to find water," he told The Project.

Finally, who's the winner?

The Argentine ant, Stobart said.

It likes warm and dry conditions.

If they invade your home, he suggested checking pot plants outside for nests.

"Grab the pot plant, move it, and if underneath there's a whole lot of ants that's where your nest is coming from."

He said you don't need to use sprays or chemicals, just re-pot the plant and dispose of the old soil off-site.

Fly spray and other insecticides that contain pyrethroids may not be very effective above temperatures of 30C.

"Some of the chemicals will actually not work when it gets really hot."

Watch the full video above.