AM hosts react to Napier trick-or-treaters who ran into dairy wearing balaclavas, fake guns

  • 01/11/2023

AM hosts have been left questioning the parents of a group of Napier trick-or-treaters who ran into a dairy wearing balaclavas and fake guns, causing a worker to "shat my pants". 

Nicole Mcleod was working when she heard something outside the store and saw an intermediate-aged boy before the rest of the group of seven rushed into the shop.   

"They had their balaclavas on, all dressed in black with their guns and I just lost it. I shat my pants," she told Stuff.   

Stuff also reports when the group rushed into the store they yelled, "Freeze put your hands up".  

Mcleod quickly recognised the group of boys who shop at the dairy all the time and immediately questioned them once she had composed herself.   

"I just said to them 'You guys have got to stop and have a think about what's going on around here at the moment. You've just run into a shop with balaclavas and fake guns' and some of them said 'Oh shit sorry miss'."  

The story was discussed on AM on Wednesday morning with co-host Ryan Bridge saying it's "quite a good story" while the rest of the hosts burst out laughing.  

"They're obviously good boys but they've just made a silly mistake," Bridge said.   

But AM newsreader Nicky Styris questioned the parents of the group of boys.  

"You do wonder where the parents were when you go to your parents and you say 'We're thinking about going as Batman or we are thinking about going is bank robbers with fake guns', when did the parents go, that's probably not a good idea," Styris questioned.   

Watch the full moment above.