Ellerslie double homicide: Police reveal Mei Han Chong's cause of death

Police have revealed Ellerslie homicide victim Mei Han Chong died from blunt force injuries to her head. 

Detective Inspector Scott Beard provided an update Sunday morning saying the post-mortem on Chong was completed on Saturday, revealing how the 67-year-old woman died.  

"This news is understandably distressing to her family, in particular Mei and Joseph’s son," Det Insp Beard said on Sunday morning.  

"Mei was a 5-foot-tall, 67-year-old woman, weighing no more than 45 kilograms. It is beyond comprehension for the family as to how something like this could happen to Mei and Joseph."

It comes after police arrested a second person in relation to the murders of Chong and her husband Fuk-Fu Joseph Kwok at their Ellerslie home last weekend.  

A 26-year-old was arrested in the Auckland suburb of Glenfield on Friday night and subsequently charged. He appeared in the Auckland District Court on Saturday morning.  

Det Insp Beard also revealed more details about the case saying the investigation has been "fast-moving" and has led police to numerous scenes across Auckland.  

Police have executed search warrants at a number of addresses and seized two vehicles officers believed are linked to the murders.  

Det Insp Beard said CCTV helped police identify suspicious activity of a vehicle and two people at and around the scene in Celtic Crescent, Ellerslie – the home of Kwok and Chong - between 1:08am and 3:47am on Sunday, November 5, including the victim’s car leaving the address at 3:47am. 

Ellerslie double homicide: Police reveal Mei Han Chong's cause of death
Photo credit: NZ Police

"Police now know the two vehicles, including the stolen family car were together driving around the Ellerslie area for some time, and ask if anyone saw them to please contact Police," Det Insp Beard said. 

"We still want to hear from anyone who saw suspicious activity or the victims’ blue Kia Rio car around Kereru Grove in Greenhithe or Hall Road in Glenfield, any time between the early hours of Sunday November 5 and Thursday November 9."  

When Police recovered the Kia Rio, it was displaying different number plates to what should have been on the car, according to Det Insp Beard.   

"The number plates start with the letters MDM. If this registers with you, or you have CCTV footage of a blue Kia Rio displaying these plates in timeframe mentioned, please contact us." 

About Joseph Kwok and Mei Chong 

Police have also revealed more details about Kwok and Chong. Police said the pair began their life in New Zealand in 1988 after moving from Hong Kong.  

"Both had large families, who they cared for and supported. Mei was one of seven siblings, while Joseph was one of six. Mei’s siblings live abroad, while two of Josephs siblings are in New Zealand," Det Insp Beard.   

Fuk-Fu Joseph Kwok (right), Mei Han Chong and their son, seen in a photo's the couple's family have released to police.
Fuk-Fu Joseph Kwok (right), Mei Han Chong and their son, seen in a photo's the couple's family have released to police. Photo credit: NZ Police

Police said Chong was a nurse before becoming a midwife in Hong Kong. When she moved to New Zealand, she felt the language barrier would be an issue for a nurse so focused on her family.  

"This includes supporting her son as he too began a career in medicine," Det Insp Beard.   

"Mei enjoyed reading, following current affairs, and being a supportive mother and wife. She had close friends in Hong Kong and enjoyed catching up with them when visiting. 

"Although very small in stature, she was strong-minded and passionate about issues that were dear to her," Det Insp Beard.   

Kwok was an orthopaedic nurse for many years.  

"He was happy in his own world and cared about supporting his family and doing a good job in his chosen profession. He was still working incredibly hard, and got home from work at 11.30pm the night before he was murdered," Det Insp Beard.   

Ellerslie double homicide: Police reveal Mei Han Chong's cause of death
Photo credit: NZ Police

What we know about the case

Kwok was found unresponsive by a family member at his Auckland home on Monday evening. He was pronounced dead at the scene by the police. 

His death was first treated as "unexplained" but later, a homicide investigation was launched. 

Beard said Kwok was killed in a violent and brutal manner. 

"He died as a result of multiple stab wounds. The nature of some other injuries suggests more than one offender could have been involved. 

"We are working to understand why he was the target of this aggressive and unwarranted assault." 

Kwok's wife Chong was missing and police said on Thursday it was believed she may be the victim of foul play. 

The couple's son, who is in his 30s, told police his mother's disappearance was "totally out of character". Chong did not drive so police said it was likely someone had driven her away. 

Police also said evidence inside the house suggested she did not leave voluntarily. 

On Friday, the worst was confirmed. Chong was found dead in the Auckland suburb of Greenhithe, with the family's missing vehicle found at an unrelated address in Glenfield with a different registration number. 

It was also announced on Friday a 42-year-old man, the first to be arrested in the case, had been charged with two counts of murder. He appeared in the Auckland District Court on Friday afternoon, entering no plea and being granted interim name suppression. 

He was remanded in custody to reappear at the High Court in Auckland later this month. 

Det Insp Beard said it's still to be established whether this is a targeted attack on the family.