Reformed burglar's warning amid reports of criminals impersonating meter readers to enter people's homes in Auckland

  • 07/11/2023

A reformed criminal is offering advice to homeowners amid reports of a sophisticated burglary tactic being on the rise.  

Police said there's been a spate of burglaries in east Auckland, with one person impersonating a meter reader to enter people's homes. 

"A high-vis jacket is no guarantee of authority - and sadly there are offenders out there who are trying to take advantage of people," said Snr Sgt Anson Lin, of Counties Manukau East.  

"We encourage anyone who sees something that doesn't appear right to contact [the] police. 

"Don't be afraid to challenge something or someone to ask for identification - official workers will be clearly identifiable."  

Speaking to AM on Tuesday, ex-burglar Adrian Pritchard - who now helps Kiwis keep themselves safe - had some advice for people on how to keep their homes secure heading into the summer holidays.  

"Today, you've got to be very security-minded," he said.  

"Don't shut the curtains, leave the radio going, leave the light going, leave even the TV going."  

Pritchard said security cameras were also vital.  

He urged people to be even more security-minded heading into the Christmas period.  

"Around November, I say, 'Don't put your Christmas presents out until late Christmas Eve and make sure you're home," he said.  

"Don't put your Christmas tree out and all the lights out and all that, and then go away for a weekend... if you're going to go away, don't put your Christmas presents out until you come back home.  

"When burglars come into your house, they normally go through every bedroom and anything in your house normally so that's why I say to people, maybe even hide your presents in a garden shed, lock the garden shed up but make sure you've got security around that garden shed."  

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