Cathedral Choir marks Christmas morning in style

Most Kiwis woke up to a day off work, while others spent their Christmas morning serving others. 

Like those at Auckland's Holy Trinity Cathedral, marking Christmas like they do every year at this time. 

"The choir adds a dimension of mystery and beauty to our worship and the songs they sing at Christmas are familiar and so people find a lot of comfort and hope in that," Very Reverend Anne Mills said 

Meanwhile, Cathedral Chorister Rebecca Swift said it's a special morning to be a part of. 

"I've been in the choir since 2011. I love singing, I've sung my entire life and for me being part of a choir is such a special community. There's nothing else you can do that unifies people so much, that brings joy to so many people, especially on a day like today," Swift said 

Hundreds of people attended the service at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, some especially to listen to what's believed to be the busiest choir in the city. 

"They work very hard, they've done a lot of services over the weekend and every one of them they put their heart and soul into it for other people to enjoy," Mills said 

Chorister Andrew Watson also sang at last night's midnight mass and said he is exhausted. 

"I'm very tired."  

It's their act of service to the day. 

"It's not just about me, it's not just about my family, it's about my offering to other people and what I can bring to the community. My little boy was running around the place having a great time, keeping his dad on his toes," Swift said. 

"I love it, starting the day with a bit of singing, and then just time with family, so special and a little visit from Santa too maybe." 

But Mills is looking forward to an afternoon of celebration. 

"I'm looking forward to sitting down with my children and my husband and having a glass of champagne as we open our Christmas presents and to give thanks for being together." 

A glass of champagne that is well and truly earned for working on Christmas day.