Christchurch company wants chief cannabis tester to join their ranks 

Do you have what it takes to be a chief cannabis tester?   

Aether Pacific Pharmaceuticals, formerly known as Medical Kiwi, is offering what some may call the opportunity of a lifetime - working full-time in the company's cannabis testing department.  

The medical cannabis outfit, which is based in Christchurch, recently began exporting their product to Australia.     

Due to high demand for their product, the company is experiencing huge expansion and needs an experienced cannabis tester to be part of their quality control programme.   

"We're expanding into Australia and Europe, so we've got a lot going on, the company's really moving ahead and we're getting busier and busier and demand for our product is just increasing," says Medical Kiwi's Global Relations Manager Jason Whitelaw.  

"So, it's a position that we need to be filled here at Medical Kiwi".   

Marketing is already underway for the role.   

In Christchurch, the company has paid for advertisements on billboards promoting the job.   

One of the billboards advertising the role in Christchurch.
One of the billboards advertising the role in Christchurch. Photo credit: Supplied / AM

However, if you were hoping for a high, the 'Chief Cannabis Tester' role might not be for you.    

"Okay so there's no inhaling?" said AM host Michael O'Keeffe.   

"Not at all," Whitelaw responded.   

"Just to get all of those dreamers out there, this is not an inhaling cannabis job," said O'Keeffe.   

Whitelaw made it clear, "It's certainly not a smoking position".    

According to the ad on, the role pays $55 an hour.  

"You must have a passion for cannabis and know what you are talking about. No time wasters please," the ad states.  

Medical Kiwi's growing facilities.
Medical Kiwi's growing facilities. Photo credit: Suppled / AM