Christmas Day delivers mixed weather across the Motu

Christmas Day had Santa bringing storms for some, but stunners for others. 

Despite rain at times, Hawkes Bay hit the highest temperature today with 31 degrees recorded. 

Eastern parts of the South Island also basked in sun while some in the North faced potential flooding.  

But, plenty of smiles shone on through, nationwide. 

Christmas in the summertime, the sun breaking out for some, plenty of Cantabrians feeling fine. 

For those in the Garden City, temperatures hit the twenties before eight.  

Not bad, for those here, for their first time. 

"We've just arrived from the UK. We flew into Christchurch Airport at 9am this morning," one said. 

"We came here in August, saw this beach, fell in love, moved in across the street," another said. 

For those keen and eager, Christmas morning began with a dash.  

More than 400 off for a festive frolic around Hagley Park. 

"It was tough work in the beginning, then we got into it, running off a few drinks last night," one runner said. 

"Yeah I think my sweater is going to need a wash tonight," another runner said. 

Unfortunately, it wasn't the same nationwide.  

With heavy rain and thunder watches still in place for some into the evening. 

"Those areas include as far north as Northland, down into Auckland, the Coromandel Peninsula, all the way into the central parts of the North Island," Mmathapelo Makgabutlane from Metservice said. 

"As has been the theme of 2023, the Upper North Island has been one of the wettest places for today." 

But the kiddies didn't seem to care, with Santa stuffing stockings. 

"A gabby's dollhouse toy," was what one kid got. 

"A Tony Hawk Tech Deck," another said. 

So with New Year's just around the corner, what weather's in store? 

"It is going to be a bit of an up and down week, Friday into the weekend we have our next big weather system - and things could actually continue to remain wet into the start of the New Year," Makgabutlane said. 

So rest up, warm weather for some, may not be here to stay.