Karla Cardno's killer Paul Dally denied parole after 33 years behind bars

Karla Cardno and her killer Paul Dally.
Karla Cardno and her killer Paul Dally. Photo credit: File

Convicted killer Paul Dally has been denied parole after 33 years behind bars, but the Parole Board has signalled what he needs to do to be released. 

Dally murdered Lower Hutt teenager Karla Cardno in 1989 after he kidnapped, raped and tortured her.

The Parole Board signalled it is of the view it wants to see Dally move towards reintegration in the community, but panel convenor Judge Geoff Ellis said parole was "not on the table" today.

Much of the conversations in Friday's hearing are suppressed but Dally reinforced his remorse for the killing. 

He kidnapped 13-year-old Cardno in 1998, subjecting her to hours of torture and rape, before burying her alive south of Eastbourne, Wellington. 

At the hearing today Dally said he's been doing everything he can to get himself right. 

Another hearing is being arranged for June next year, and whether parole is contemplated will be up to Dally to prove himself, said Judge Ellis. 

That includes following prison policies to move from a segregated wing to a mainstream wing and developing a reintegration plan.