Nelson man Terry Sutton's famous Christmas light display coming to an end

A Nelson man who has been delighting people for years with his Christmas lights will soon be switching them off for the last time.

By day the Nelson home might not look like much but at night it's a visual extravaganza.

Terry Sutton said some people might think he's "nutty" because of his elaborate displays but he's been dazzling huge crowds for 14 years.

"It takes me about a month, six days a week, seven hours a day, and it takes its toll by the end of it," Sutton said. 

That's because his display has a whopping 50,000 lights which are even programmed to flash in time with music.

He also puts that music on a local radio frequency so families can enjoy the spectacle from their car.

"This year we've had over 1000 cars in two weeks, we normally get around 1600 cars in a month," he said.  

And despite huge crowds over the years, his neighbours don't mind it at all.

"We love him, not many people have neighbours like Terry that's for sure," neighbour Alex Choma said.  

But like all good shows, this one must come to an end and Terry has decided this will be his final year.

"The lights are reaching the end of their life and I've got some health issues that are slowing me down," he said. 

The 79-year-old says while it'll be tough not doing it anymore, he's looking forward to spending more time with his wife.

"We've been married for 55 years and we're still together."

So get in quick, as Terry will be switching the lights off for the final time in early January.