Baby hammerhead shark washes up on Auckland's Narrow Neck Beach

  • 11/01/2024

A shark that is believed to be a baby hammerhead has washed ashore at Auckland's Narrow Neck Beach.    

A photo posted in a local Facebook group shows the dead shark on the beach with social media reports saying it's a baby hammerhead.   

Sarah Jones, who is Auckland Council's manager area operations, Devonport, Takapuna and Kaipātiki, parks and community facilities, told Newshub the council is aware of reports of a shark on Narrow Neck Beach in Devenport on Auckland's North Shore.   

The dead shark on Auckland's Narrow Neck Beach in Devenport.
The dead shark on Auckland's Narrow Neck Beach in Devenport. Photo credit: Supplied

Jones said council staff do not deal with marine mammals.   

"As per standard process Auckland Council will report this situation to the Department of Conservation," Jones told Newshub.   

The post of the dead shark was quick to receive dozens of comments, with some speculating the shark died in nets out at sea.   

"Aw the poor bub. Looks like a scalloped one. Such a beautiful species," one person said.   

"Very sad to see a beautiful creature washed up," another commented.  

"Poor thing was by-catch in one of the many set nets that have been set up at narrow neck over the last few weeks. They should be banned," a third person commented.   

The Department of Conservation (DoC) told Newshub since the shark is presumably a hammerhead and not protected, it makes it not a DoC matter.   

Sharks have been a common occurrence in New Zealand waters this summer.   

Just before Christmas, a shark was spotted at Auckland's Long Bay Beach prompting members of the public to flee the water.   

A bronze whaler shark was also spotted at Auckland's Omaha Beach last week.