'Barbaric' child abuser deported to New Zealand

Queens House of Detention, New York
Photo credit: Getty Images

A 53-year-old Kiwi ex-pat who tortured his three-year-old son while living in Australia is being deported to New Zealand. 

Jason David Ogier was jailed for two and a half years in 2007 for the repeated assaults on his son and now is allegedly being deported to Christchurch.  

Ogier's original charges followed abuse said to have taken place between 2004 and 2006, in which he deliberately burnt his son with a cigarette lighter, pulled out his fingernail with a pair of pliers, and rubbed chilli powder on his skin.  

Nearly two decades later, in 2022 Oiger was jailed for around one and a half years after pleading guilty to seven charges of using electronic communication to expose a child under 16 years old in an indecent manner. 

This is allegedly what triggered the cancellation of his Australian visa.  

Magistrate Elizabeth Hamilton said the man had little empathy for his children and the charges were a part of "ongoing and entrenched form of behaviour", according to the Brisbane Times.  

His wife, Belinda Ogier was also charged with a six-month suspended sentence for neglecting her son and failing to protect him from his father, alert authorities or seek medical help for his injuries.  

"The seriousness of the offences is in the gross breach of trust," Magistrate Hamilton said during sentencing. 

Ogier's abuse was widely detailed in the case with the worst being when his wife was in hospital giving birth to their next child in 2004.  

He rubbed chilli powder on his son's back causing his skin to blister and swell, because he wouldn't finish his dinner.  

He also used a cigarette lighter to burn his son's hand, which soon became infected, so he took pliers and pulled the child's nail out, causing it to bleed.  

Ogier also kicked his young son with steel-capped boots and slapped his head from side to side, asking his other children if they wanted to join in on the game.  

According to the Brisbane Times, police prosecutor Sergeant David Murphy said Ogier had shown no remorse. 

"[They are] barbaric acts of cruelty perpetrated on his own child, a defenceless, three-year-old boy," Sgt Murphy said. 

It is believed he is estranged from all of his children, including six daughters and five sons.  

The man is set to be deported to New Zealand, with his most likely new home to be in Christchurch.  

Family members have spoken out about the deportation stating they feel safer with him in a different country but now fearing for the well-being of Cantabrian's.