Car filmed swerving into oncoming traffic on State Highway 2

  • 23/01/2024

A car has been caught on camera swerving multiple times into the opposite lane on State Highway 2 near Waihi.

Grace Van Dijk and her partner were driving back to Tauranga from Whangamatā on Saturday evening when they came across a dangerous driver in a yellow car who continuously veered into the wrong lane. 

As the pair cautiously drove behind the car, Van Dijk took a video that showed the yellow car swerving across the centre line into oncoming traffic.

In another video, a white car is seen behind the yellow car hooking at it to pull over as it drives across the two lanes on a blind corner.

"We beeped at the driver multiple times to stop and vehicles behind us were also tooting. But the driver just carried on… and continued to veer all over the road including on blind corners," Van Dijk told the Bay of Plenty Times.

"It was bloody scary, and I even pulled on the handbrake slightly in case there was a crash."

The police have been approached for comment. 

Watch the video above.