Coastguard reminds boaties of water safety after one of busiest days of summer

Boaties in Auckland have turned out in droves on Saturday to make the most of near-perfect conditions.

It was one of the busiest days of summer, prompting reminders from Coastguard of the importance of water safety.

Saturday, sun and summer - the perfect mix for a good day out on the water.

"Today, perfect weather, low winds, we thought 'yup let's go out to an island and go exploring'," one boatie told Newshub.

But with plenty of people still on holiday and the mercury nearing 30C, it can be chaos on the water.

"We were going smashed by all the wake of the big boats, we were coming back towards Auckland and about 30 boats [were] just coming towards us, it was a battle," another boatie said.

Coastguard CEO Callum Gillespie wants to remind those flocking for some time out on the big blue, to come home safely.

"Please, just wear a lifejacket, a lifejacket never ruined a day in the water," he said.

Since Christmas Day, Coastguard has received more than 20,000 trip reports, with close to 3000 of those coming on Saturday.

"Oh it's busy out there, as it has been since Christmas Day, Coastguard is having a busy season," Gillespie said.

Gillispie said while the number of callouts has remained high, there've been fewer significant ones, including one man who couldn't quite handle the sun.

"We had one boatie reporting that they were coming back because it was just too hot out there this afternoon," Gillespie said.

And it seems his main message - sunblock, water and lifejackets - is being heard.

"Having a lifejacket, having your safety gear and being prepared for any scenario," members of the public told Newshub.

"Wear your lifejacket, get a Coastguard membership, and if the fish aren't biting, change spots," boaties told Newshub.

And with tomorrow's temperatures remaining high, a change in spots might help them enjoy a boating funday on a Sunday.