Footage captures naked 'sick pervert' peering into Rotorua mum's home

A Rotorua woman is traumatised after catching a naked man creeping around the exterior of her home while she was alone with her children. 

Malfroy Rd resident Jasena Kiriona was at home on Saturday night with her young children when she got a call from her neighbour's landlord. 

She answered the phone and what she heard next was horrifying. 

"I don't want to scare you but lock your door right now," she said the landlord told her. "My tenants next door are watching a man and he's watching you in your kitchen window. He's there now standing by your car call the police." 

The man outside her kitchen window.
The man outside her kitchen window. Photo credit: Supplied

Kiriona said she hung up the phone, grabbed a knife and locked the door. She huddled with her children in the living room while she called the police. 

The neighbours told her they saw the man walking around the property, trying to open windows and the garage. 

CCTV footage showed the man naked, waving and tapping on the kitchen window. Another video appeared to show the man doing an indecent act by the window. 

Kiriona also texted her friend who arrived before the police and spotted the man hiding in a bush. She said her friend tried to "ram him" but he ran away. 

Once he left, Kiriona saw the man had left a note on her window saying "hey cute. What's your number (sic)". 

The note.
The note. Photo credit: Supplied

She looked back at her CCTV footage which showed the man had been creeping around her house for around 40 minutes before she was alerted. 

"How dare you come on to my property doing this sick stuff to me. What makes me feel even more gross is I don't even know if it was to me or my 7-year-old daughter, I feel so violated," Kiriona posted on Facebook. 

She said she feels "traumatised" and is too scared to open her windows. 

Kiriona hopes the "sick pervert" is caught so no one else ever experiences what she did. 

She described the man as European with ginger hair and in his 20s.
She described the man as European with ginger hair and in his 20s. Photo credit: Supplied

A police spokesperson told Newshub officers have made a number of enquiries to identify the man responsible and the investigation is ongoing. 

Police said anyone with information which could assist our enquiries is asked to contact police via 105 and quote file number 240114/9590.