Kiwi interest in EVs remains high despite scrapping of clean car discount

Photo credit: BYD NZ

Switching to electric vehicles is still sparking a lot of interest with Kiwis driven by the long-term savings and environmental benefits. That's despite the recent removal of the clean car discount and soon to be introduced road user charges.

EV dealers say most visitors seem unbothered by the recent changes and are more focused on how they can save money each week by not having to pay for fuel.

According to Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority data, EV charging costs equal roughly 40c per litre of petrol, so there’s a lot to be saved by going electric.

"Most people don't even mention the removal of the clean car discount," says Theng Lok, BYD's Auckland retail team leader.

"They're focused on the long-term benefits of switching to electric. We continue to have a lot of families bringing in kids and going for test drives on the weekends."

Auckland couple Trevor and Kirsty spent Saturday checking out EVs. They found themselves liking the country's most awarded EV, the BYD ATTO 3.

"Running one of these cars is cheaper," Trevor told Newshub. "I'm just sick and tired of the petrol prices going up and the greenhouse gas emissions."

In BYD's showroom, Kirsty notes range and costs matter for EVs. "I like to put my foot down and go far," she said.

The ATTO 3 is best-in-class on this front, offering a range of 420km thanks to an extended battery.

Meridian Energy is doing its bit to support the continued growth of New Zealand's EV fleet. As well as being the country's leading generator of renewable energy, Meridian also provides dedicated EV home charging power plans, smart charging options and continues to expand Zero, New Zealand's second-largest public charging network.

The company believes that with New Zealand's electricity being 85% renewable and growing, New Zealand has a massive clean energy advantage over many other countries.

"Petrol prices likely won't decrease and with time and the purchase price of EVs will reach cost parity with petrol cars," says Lisa Hannifin, the company’s Chief Customer Officer.

"With transport making up 37% of the average Kiwi's carbon footprint, moving to electric vehicles is such an easy way making a big difference."

Understanding that the upfront cost of buying an EV can be a barrier to a lot of Kiwis, Meridian has partnered with BYD to give away a new BYD ATTO 3 worth more than $60,000. This competition is open to any new or existing Meridian residential customer that enters before 30 January 2024.

To qualify, participants must be a Meridian Energy residential customer and complete a valid entry form. Find out more here. Terms and conditions apply.

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