Northern Bass New Year's music festival ruined by weather, lack of organisation

Festival goers looking to bring in the new year with a bang at Northern Bass have called the event "a shit show" that was "horrifically organised".  

Northern Bass music festival in Mangawhai, held between the 29th and 31st, was lashed with rain all three days, and attendees told Newshub "event organisers clearly didn't think about the weather".  

Daniel, who did not want to share his full name, attended all three days and said the weather was so bad that his party was put off leaving the tent site to get drinks because every time they did, they would get filthy.   

The showers were out of service on the morning of the 30th until midday, adding to the muck. 

This was caused by water trucks being unable to get in.  

Daniel also said, "the toilets were closed a lot because of the weather.  

"They were selling ponchos for $7; they should have been giving them out for free."  

People were slipping over so often, Daniel called it a "slip and slide".  

Adding to the chaos, Daniel said "all of us had notifications on our phones about there being liquid in the charger".  

A muddy field with the Northern Bass logo in the background.
The aftermath on Monday morning. Photo credit: Supplied

Daniel also criticised the security, who he said were not paying enough attention to people who were overly intoxicated.  

The weather also impacted the music, and Daniel said, "all of the acts were delayed.  

"The main stage was meant to open at 2pm on the 30th but we walked past at 1:30 and they were still frantically trying to set things up".  

Getting in and out of the festival also proved difficult.   

Daniel said security were confused about whether cars could be let in, thinking attendees needed a wrist band to enter in the first place, and he had to contact Northern Bass directly before they were let in.  

He said, "getting out of the festival was a nightmare," adding that practically every car needed pushed or towed out due to the mud.  

Daniel in the car home on Monday morning.
Daniel in the car home on Monday morning. Photo credit: Supplied

"There was a lack of bark and mulch, they clearly hadn't thought about things," Daniel said.   

In 2022, though there was no rain, many cars also got stuck at the entrance to the festival.   

Another attendee Max, who did not want to share his full name, told Newshub it was "the last time I'm doing a three-day festival".  

Daniel said, "it was a good time, but I don't know if I would camp at a festival again".

Nobody was seriously injured at the festival. 

Newshub has contacted Northern Bass organisers for comment.