Papanui Point: Police attend deadly Waikato fishing spot after call for assistance

Papanui Point from the air.
Papanui Point from the air. Photo credit: Waikato District Council

The search continues at Waikato's Papanui Point after reports a person fell from the rocks into the water.

The rocky and rugged outcrop, near Raglan, is notoriously dangerous but the site continues to attract members of the fishing community - despite claiming 24 lives since 1980.

A police spokesperson told Newshub they were alerted shortly before 1:40pm, and still haven't found anyone.

"The search is ongoing, with Coastguard, Surf Lifesaving assisting Police search teams and Police drone team," a spokesperson said.

"Weather conditions are incredibly challenging, but the search will continue while there is sufficient daylight available."

It comes after the Department of Conservation, Waikato District Council and Water Safety New Zealand issued a joint warning over Papanui Point last year, describing it as "a location known to claim lives". 

Rescues have been difficult for emergency services, with incidents where it has taken several days for bodies to be recovered. 

"Our message is unequivocal: Papanui Point is not a safe place to fish," Water Safety New Zealand CEO Daniel Gerrard said in the joint statement. 

"The combination of its remote location, slippery rocks, and unpredictable sea conditions creates a perilous environment even for the most experienced fishers. We have seen too many tragedies unfold in such high-risk areas."

Papanui Point: Police attend deadly Waikato fishing spot after call for assistance
Photo credit: Google Maps / Screenshot

"We implore the community to respect the warnings issued and opt for safer, more accessible fishing locations," the statement read. 

"Safety must be the priority in all recreational water activities, and we strongly advise against taking unnecessary risks, especially in a spot known for its hazards."