Sharks and jellyfish warnings: Where to take care swimming at New Zealand's beaches

  • 07/01/2024

Kiwis looking at taking a dip on Sunday are being warned to beware after sharks, jellyfish and "hazardous marine creatures" were spotted up and down the country.

The Safeswim site has an updated list of beaches the public is urged to "exercise caution" at - including some popular hotspots.

Sharks have been sighted at Papamoa East in Tauranga, prompting a safety warning at 11:22am.

There's another safety warning for "hazardous marine creatures such as jellyfish" affecting Piha North Beach.

A safety warning for bluebottle jellyfish has also been issued for nine locations on Sunday.

  • Baylys Beach
  • Bethells Beach
  • Foxton Beach
  • Karekare Beach
  • Lyall Bay
  • Otaki Beach
  • Piha Beach
  • Waitarere Beach
  • Woodend Beach

Their venomous tentacles cause an extremely painful sting which raises red welts that can last several days.

According to the Ministry of Health, the best care for a sting is to flush the stung area with seawater then immerse it in heated tap water.

Serious allergic reactions are rare, however an ambulance should be called for symptoms including shortness of breath, severe dizziness or signs of shock.