The Auckland beaches you still can't swim at

  • 01/01/2024

Aucklanders hoping to enjoy the first day of 2024 at the beach may have to replan as a number of beaches remain unsafe for swimming due to faecal contamination. 

Metservice said the sun is up on Monday and the weather is not looking too bad for much of the country, but a number of popular beaches are still red and black-flagged. 

On the North Shore of Auckland Long Bay down to Milford Beaches are all red-flagged, as is Takapuna Beach. Some of the beaches on the shore are open. 

In the city St Helliers remains unsafe but Mission Bay is ok.  

Many of the beaches in Whangaporoa and Waiheke Island are still red-flagged, as are many around the Auckland harbour. 

The Cawthorn Institute's Roger Young said told RNZ the weather, combined with neglected infrastructure, was leading to high levels of bacteria and virus's in beaches and waterways.

"There's been runoff from those urban areas [so] there's the risk of bacteria and viruses ... getting washed into the waterways and increasing that risk of illness for swimmers.

"If we get a patch of good weather for three or four days I think things should be back to more normal situations and the risk of swimming at most sites should be reduced."

For a full list of beaches click here.