Warning issued after Auckland puppies test positive for contagious and deadly parvovirus disease

The litter of puppies were given away at a Mount Roskill bus stop earlier this week.
The litter of puppies were given away at a Mount Roskill bus stop earlier this week. Photo credit: Supplied

Auckland dog owners are being warned to take action after 13 puppies were given away and subsequently tested positive for parvovirus in Mount Roskill.  

The dogs, handed out three days ago at the Stoddard Road bus stop, were taken in by a concerned member of the public and his cousin. 

They were then surrendered to Paws Restart Animal Rescue (PRAR) and confirmed to be infected with the highly contagious and potentially deadly virus. 

The rescue organisation, run by Tania Dicks-Maurice, is aimed at rescuing dogs from poor situations, looking after them and getting them ready to be rehomed. 

The member of the public claimed the woman handing over the puppies said the mother had passed away under gruesome circumstances, bleeding from her rear end.

"This raises concerns about the health and welfare of the entire litter," Dicks-Maurice told Newshub. 

PRAR has prompted an urgent plea for the remaining 10 puppies to be handed over immediately, with their sole focus being to provide "necessary care to save the puppies from this brutal disease".

"Parvovirus is known for its rapid spread and severe consequences, especially among unvaccinated dogs," she stressed. 

"Time is of the essence, and the community is urged to come together to ensure the remaining puppies receive the medical attention they need to survive this crisis."

They said the cooperation of those who have the puppies is crucial in preventing "further suffering and the potential spread of parvovirus".

For further information and to hand over the puppies, people are urged to contact PRAR at pawsrestartanimalrescue@gmail.com or www.facebook.com/Pawsrestartrescue.