Witness describes 'slowest police chase ever' after attempted Michael Hill robbery

A witness has described the moment he watched the "slowest police chase ever" after an attempted robbery in Auckland on Sunday. 

The offender fled from Silverdale Mall, after attempting a smash-and-grab inside the Michael Hill jewellery store. 

Police have since arrested the 20-year-old man, however, one witness said it took police more than 15 minutes to chase down the vehicle. 

The witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, was walking down Milldale's John Fair Drive when he heard the sirens approaching.  

"I already knew the robbery had happened in the mall, so I sort of knew that this guy was the offender," he said. 

"He was driving pretty slow and really taunting with police, doing no more than 30km/h the whole time." 

He told Newshub the man driving the vehicle was all dressed in black and filming the police chase on his phone. 

"He had his phone up, taking selfies and filming all of the police behind him," he described. 

"You could tell from his facial expressions that he was really amused by the whole thing. He was quite elated to be involved in a chase, and was just laughing to himself." 

He said the offender then called out to a pedestrian on the sidewalk, saying "this is cool bro".

The man told Newshub he was shocked it took so long for police to pull him over, describing it as the "slowest police chase I have ever seen in my life".

"He just went around and around, and police weren't doing a thing about it," he added.

"I could tell he was probably thinking, 'I wonder how long I can pull this off for'."

A police spokesperson told Newshub they "took the action required to apprehend the alleged offender safely, while preventing harm to him, themselves and members of the public".

"We have no further comment to make," they added.