After Paris votes in favour of higher SUV parking charges, some Wellingtonians say they'd support it for their city

Fancy paying $32 an hour to park your SUV in Wellington?  

Parisians have voted to triple the cost of parking a large vehicle in the centre of the French capital in a bid to curb emissions and congestion. 

And Paris' Mayor has said other cities will follow.  

Often high emitters, SUVs take up more space in lanes and in car parks. 

Paris has voted in favour of much more expensive parking fees for SUVs to muscle them off the streets - hiking rates from 6 to 18 Euros per hour (NZ$10-$32). 

A six-hour stay with an SUV would cost a whopping NZ$400. 

"In Paris, we need to share the public space better," Paris deputy Mayor Kevin Havet said. 

Current parking rates in Wellington are $5 per hour - and some residents would support a higher rate for SUVs in the capital. 

"I would support that actually, yes," one told Newshub.  

Another said they could "think of very limited times when an SUV is needed in the city.  

"I just think they are a status symbol and they're a bit silly most of the time." 

Wellington's deputy Mayor said Paris' move is very innovative but the city is not there yet.  

"We have been looking into becoming fossil fuel-free in the CBD," Laurie Foon said. "So, parking and redesigning our streets is a way to do that." 

The capital has committed to halving its carbon emissions by 2030. So far, it has only reduced them by 9 percent - with transport being the city's biggest emitter. 

Wellington Chamber of Commerce chief executive Simon Arcus thinks a congestion tax would be a better way to go. 

"Because it's a tax of choice," he said of congestion charging. 

Wellington wants fewer cars and more bicycles in its city centre but, so far, getting people out of their cars - no matter what size - is easier said than done.