Another 13 rats caught at rodent-plagued South Dunedin Countdown supermarket

A total of thirteen rats have been found inside the Dunedin supermarket.
A total of thirteen rats have been found inside the Dunedin supermarket. Photo credit: Otago Daily Times

A Dunedin supermarket remains closed after another 13 rats were caught over the weekend.

Countdown Dunedin South has had an ongoing rat problem since late last year, and closed last week after four more were trapped. It remains closed for monitoring and pest control.

"With our increased pest management and the uncovering of the extra entry points, there were 13 rats caught over the weekend," a Woolworths New Zealand spokesperson told Newshub on Monday.   

"We believe all pest entry sites have been identified and now sealed," they said. 

"We can also confirm there continues to be no evidence of nesting in store." 

Countdown and the Ministry for Primary Industries insisted the problem was being treated with urgency. 

The latest discovery of rats in the supermarket comes at the same time a mouse was found crawling on a salad inside the deli section of a Christchurch supermarket. 

The mouse was filmed making its way around a bowl of uncovered salad at the Eastgate Countdown.     

New Zealand Food Safety said in a statement it was concerned about the Eastgate incident given the ongoing issue at Countdown Dunedin South and has asked parent company Woolworths to provide more information.  

"We will have a Food Compliance Officer at the Eastgate store today as part of our investigation."