Antarctica NZ recruiting for wide range of jobs including tradies, chefs, mechanics

Antarctica New Zealand is recruiting for the next season and they're looking for a wide range of skilled professionals including chefs, plumbers, carpenters, and mechanics.   

They are recruiting up to 40 people for the next season to share in a view like nowhere else in the world.   

"We are looking for people to help Scott Base, doing logistics crew, electricians, plumbers and people who want to be a part of it," said Sarah Williamson, CEO of Antarctica NZ.  

Being part of the team would mean embracing polar temperatures.   

Paddy Rivetveld, a chef currently stationed there, said the cold is all part of the charm.   

"It's quite cool to see those extremes, seeing mother nature at its most powerful is pretty cool," he said.   

The forecast on Tuesday was a cool -20C.   

As well as putting up with the cold, applicants will also need great teamwork skills.   

"We live together, we work where we live, we live where we work," said Derek Stevens, Scott Base's summer team leader.  

The team's main goal is keeping Scott Base running to support the hundreds of scientists who go there to research the impact of climate change.   

"They're our mechanics that make sure the piston bullies can go, they're our chefs who make sure researchers are fully fed and watered, they're our domestic staff who make sure the rooms are ready to go," Williamson told Newshub.

The fixed-term contracts are from August to February.   

But Williamson warned that the jobs were certainly not for everyone.

"If you're someone who likes really long showers and to go out and enjoy nightlife at various bars, then it's not for you," she said.   

However, they are open to applicants from all walks of life and of all ages.

"You experience some things that you'll just never do anywhere else on the planet, it's amazing," said Stevens.   

The various jobs on offer can be viewed here.