Emotional AM hosts thank viewers, colleagues after 'awful' news of Newshub's closure

  • 29/02/2024

The hosts of AM made an emotional start to the show on Thursday morning after receiving the news Newshub is closing.   

Co-host Melissa Chan-Green started Thursday's show by thanking the viewers before confirming AM would also shut down if the proposal by Warner Bros Discovery goes ahead.   

"You've likely seen the news by now that our company has proposed to shut down Newshub from June," an emotional Chan-Green said. "Some people have been asking, 'Does that affect AM too?  

"AM and Newshub are one in the same. We are all part of the same family... so, yes, it does mean the end of AM too."  

Fellow host Lloyd Burr, who only started on the show last month - having previously been a political reporter - described the past 24 hours as "whopping" for everyone in the newsroom 

"We will get through it and you are going to get through it with us - and you are going to help us get through this, to be honest," Burr told viewers.  

Chan-Green also thanked all of her colleagues who produced Newshub Live at 6pm on Wednesday evening and those who set up AM for Thursday after receiving the "awful" news.  

"I just want to say I've been so lucky to work here for the last 17 years. It's got me through some pretty dark times and I'm so lucky to work with all of you, with you guys, the people in the newsroom including those people that stayed behind after such awful news yesterday," she said.   

"They stayed behind in the newsroom and they put a bulletin out, and they set up the show this morning because we care about what we do and we care about what you watch, and we are just so thankful to have your company."  

"We've always done that when the chips are down, we get through it. We somehow push through it," Burr added.  

"I think John Campbell once said, 'We are tighter than a fish's bum' - and we are, we push through when times are tough, we rally around and I can't believe that they managed to put a show out last night, and our wonderful team has managed to put a show together for us today."  

Watch the video above.