Foodstuffs investigating after fly found inside tray of meat at Auckland's Pak'nSave Westgate

Photos of the meat show a fly sitting on a New Zealand lamb shoulder chop.
Photos of the meat show a fly sitting on a New Zealand lamb shoulder chop. Photo credit: Reddit

Foodstuffs is investigating how a fly ended up inside a meat pack and ended up on the shelves at one of its Pak'nSave stores. 

Photos received by Newshub showed a fly inside a pack of New Zealand lamb shoulder chops at Pak'nSave Westgate. 

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The person who took the photo said it was taken at 4pm on Monday. The person also posted the photo onto the social media site Reddit with the tongue-in-cheek caption, "Extra protein added". 

"Wtf (what the f**k) how is that possible[?]," one person asked. 

"Absolutely insane," another wrote. 

'Isolated incident' - Foodstuffs

A spokesperson for Foodstuffs, Pak'nSave's parent company, told Newshub the supermarket takes food safety "very seriously" and has strict processes and protocols in place to ensure they maintain the highest standards. 

"The team at Pak'nSave Westgate are currently looking into how the fly got into the meat pack, although it does appear to be an isolated incident as there have been no other similar complaints made to the store," the spokesperson said. 

"Although this is a very rare occurrence, if something is spotted, we’d encourage customers to alert a member of the team in-store straight away, so it can be immediately removed from the shelf and looked into."