In Pictures: Port Hills fire rages on in Christchurch

  • 15/02/2024

The Port Hills blaze remains uncontrolled and uncontained in Christchurch as over a dozen helicopters return to the air on Thursday.

Winds are picking up and have the potential to make the fire much worse.

Below are pictures showing the extent of the damage so far.

A helicopter dumps water on the Port Hills fire.
Over a dozen firefighters are up battling the blaze. Photo credit: AM
Orange smoke billows into the morning sky at the Port Hills fire in Christchurch.
Smoke billowed into the sky above Christchurch on Thursday morning. Photo credit: Ryan Burnett
Orange flames twist up the hill at night.
The fire raged through the night. Photo credit: AM
A helicopter drops water on the fire late at night.
Helicopters worked late last night trying to stem the fire before stopping for the night when conditions became dangerous. Photo credit: Getty Images / Joe Allison
Streaks of fire are visible through the smoke on the hillside.
The fire rages on. Photo credit: Ryan Burnett
Smoke billows over nearby houses.
80 nearby residents were evacuated overnight. Photo credit: Newshub
A helicopter flies above scored brush.
Large swathes of the hills have been completely scorched by the fire. Photo credit: Getty Images / Joe Allison
Police cordoning off the Port Hills area.
Police restrict access to the area. Photo credit: Newshub
Grey smoke billows out from green trees.
A helicopter delivers water in an attempt to douse the fire. Photo credit: Civil Defence
Multiple helicopters work together to try and stop the fire.
Multiple choppers work in tandem. Photo credit: Getty Images / Joe Allison
A tall cloud of smoke billows into the blue sky behind homes.
Nearby residents have been allowed back to collect some belongings but cannot stay. Photo credit: Newshub
Earthmoving vehicles work through the night to fight the fire.
Earthmoving crews worked through the night to try and stop the fire spreading. Photo credit: Canterbury Fire and Emergency / Facebook
A helicopter drops water on the fire with a monsoon bucket.
Helicopters are dropping monsoon buckets on the fire. Photo credit: Getty Images / Joe Allison