Patrick Gower vouches for Paula Bennett to become 'mullet mayor'

  • 28/02/2024

Newshub journalist Patrick Gower has vouched for former deputy prime minister Paula Bennett to run for Auckland mayoralty in 2025.

Rumours started spreading earlier this week that the ex-National MP could run for mayor after Bennett told media she was "considering it".

Appearing on AM's panel on Wednesday, Bennett was asked about the possibility of running.

"I've got to be really honest, I just am loving life at the moment. I love my work, I love what I do… I've got lots of stuff going on… Life's good," she responded.

Bennett said a lot of people are talking to her about running but at the moment she doesn't know whether she will go for it.

However, Gower said Auckland is calling out for a leader with credentials like Bennett.

"The city is crying out for a mayor with some credibility and competence," Gower said.

"… She's floating this idea at the moment and she will destroy Wayne Brown. He will have no chance… If she stands, Wayne Brown is finished."

Gower even had a campaign idea for Bennett.

"She will be the mullet mayor for Auckland – business at the front, party at the back and actually if you think about that, that's what Auckland needs."

"It needs a mayor that celebrates the city."

Watch the video above.