Police scrap gold-plated Harley Davidsons that belonged to Comanchero Motorcycle Gang

  • 25/02/2024

Six motorcycles that belonged to the Comanchero Motorcycle Gang have been turned into scrap metal.   

The distinctive Harley Davidsons had gold plating and personalised plates and were seized by police during Operation Nova back in 2019.  

It marks the first time police have applied to take this sort of action with restrained assets. 

Commissioner Andrew Coster said the application by police came under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act in early 2023 and was the first of its kind.  

"It is our view that the design of the motorcycles, and the personalised plates, are very distinctive and are exclusively linked to the Comancheros," Commissioner Coster said.  

It was suspected if the bikes were resold as they were, they would end up back in Comanchero's hands.   

"It would defeat the purpose of the action Police have taken in this investigation," Commissioner Coster said.   

"The right course here was to destroy them and send a clear signal of what happens when you profit from illegal activity."  

The value of the six bikes was estimated at around $96,000.   

Excluding the bikes, $2.6 million in assets was restrained from the Comancheros during Operation Nova and 18 people were charged with a variety of serious offences.   

The investigation targeted senior leadership figures in the gang and their illegal activities.   

This month, a former Comancheros secretary was convicted as part of Operation Nova and deported back to Australia.  

Coster said the destruction of the bikes was reassuring to police and the public so they wouldn't "end up back in the wrong hands".  

Proceeds from the scrap metal sales will go towards the consolidated crime fund.  

Other assets restrained by the police during Operation Nova include $402,360 in cash, four Range Rover Sports, one Rolls-Royce Wraith, multiple high-end Mercedes and Audis, designer products, and property around Auckland.   

Charges laid against the gang associates and members include:   

• Participating in an organised crime group   

• Importing methamphetamine   

• Conspiracy to import methamphetamine   

• Conspiracy to supply methamphetamine   

• Conspiracy to supply Class B controlled drug   

• Possession of cocaine for supply   

• Money laundering   

• Unlawful possession of firearms   

• Unlawful possession of ammunition