Simon Bridges reveals details of his electric scooter crash

Auckland Business Chamber chief executive Simon Bridges has revealed more details about his electric scooter crash that hospitalised him, saying he'll "never get back on one".  

Bridges was taken to hospital last month after he hit a bump while on an electric scooter breaking his wrist and hurting his face. 

"I'm so incredibly thankful to the amazing family who stopped and helped me and waited for the ambulance with me," Bridges wrote on his Facebook page on January 17.  

"I don't know who they are, but they were incredibly kind to me. I'm also deeply grateful to the staff at Auckland City Hospital who have been brilliant."  

Bridges, who was a regular AM panel member in 2023, joined the show for the first time this year.  

Bridges, who was wearing a cast on his left arm, was asked if he was okay after his accident.  

"Look, it's not ideal, but I feel very lucky," he told AM. "I mean the horror stories you hear about people on e-scooters and just the orthopedic surgeons and the stories they tell me.  

"I'm not calling for anything around it, but personally though, as a middle-aged man, I will never get back on one."  

AM co-host Lloyd Burr asked him if he was sober at the time of the crash. 

"Yes, what a scurrilous thing to say, but you're not the first person to ask that question," Bridges jokingly responded before revealing more details of the accident.  

"Actually, I was working. I was between meetings and I think that was part of the issue as I had all this paperwork under my arm, so I was sort of riding one and a half hands and I was going along very close to this studio actually, on my way to this meeting and there was a little dip," Bridges said.  

Auckland Business Chamber chief executive Simon Bridges says he feels "very lucky" his injuries aren't worse.
Auckland Business Chamber chief executive Simon Bridges says he feels "very lucky" his injuries aren't worse. Photo credit: AM

The former National Party leader said after hitting the bump he crashed. 

"I hit my face, I hit that, but as I say really badly broke [my] wrist," he told AM.  

"But I came off very lightly and whilst I've got a short-term issue, I feel very fortunate given some of the cases." 

Burr suggested he would buy Bridges a satchel to avoid the crash happening again.  

"I think now I understand why people do wear the old over-the-shoulder kind-of man bags," he said.  

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