Weather: Fire and Emergency New Zealand's plea to public with next week set to be hottest of summer

Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) has issued a plea to the public ahead of sweltering temperatures next week. 

It's set to be the hottest week New Zealand has seen this summer, which means it could also be the most dangerous for wildfires. 

The fuel of wildfires is growing with each warm and windy day. The parched landscape is only set to dry out more as sweltering temperatures arrive early next week, bringing extreme fire risk. 

"These are going to be really dangerous and hazardous conditions and we absolutely need your support in preventing these fires," said FENZ national wildfire specialist Tim Mitchell.

And several regions are in the spotlight: Wairarapa, Otago, Canterbury and Marlborough, where Molesworth Station has hit a 20-year record for the driest vegetation. 

A wet southerly blast this weekend won't be enough to ease the risk.  

"Our air will be coming from Australia, a hot place, we will be importing really hot temperatures," said Chris Brandonlino of NIWA. 

"Some locations, next week, may very well see the hottest air of the summer." 

Some places could experience a sizzling 40C. 

Hundreds of firefighters were spread across Canterbury a fortnight ago as temperatures soared, sparking three separate fires in mere hours.   

The Department of Conservation banned all vehicles indefinitely from more of its recreational areas this week, to reduce fire risk in these extreme conditions. 

"There's a very real threat here to public safety and also to buildings and structures... don't be that person that causes that fire," Mitchell said.