Christchurch motorist caught driving 104km/h in 50km/h zone

  • 29/03/2024

Officers earlier this month apprehended a driver clocking 104km/h per hour in a 50km/h zone in Christchurch, police revealed on Friday. 

During a car show held from March 1 to 3, in which 500 vehicles participated culminating in a main cruise on Saturday night, Sgt Luke Vaughan noted excessive speed and skids were prevalent issues throughout the weekend. 

Three people were detained and officers impounded 13 cars, mostly related to unlawful street racing and burnouts. 

In addition to vehicle seizures, more than 30 speeding tickets were issued. One driver was recorded at 104km/h in a 50km/h zone, with several others caught travelling at 80km/h in the same vicinity, Vaughan said. 

"Our staff will continue to take action against anti-social road users," he added. 

Vaughan urged continued vigilance in reporting illegal activities on the roads.