Greenpeace protesters install giant tap pouring cow effluent outside Parliament

  • 07/03/2024

Greenpeace protesters have installed a giant tap that pours cow effluent on the steps of Parliament in protest against the Government's proposed fast-track consenting bill.  

Greenpeace says the 4-metre-tall tap is suspended on Parliament lawn and has dairy cow effluent pouring out of it, with a message reading 'Stop Fast-tracking Pollution'.  

Greenpeace protesters install giant tap pouring cow effluent outside Parliament
Photo credit: Newshub

The group says they erected the tap as a warning to Prime Minister Christopher Luxon of the "dirty legacy this fast-track bill could create".  

"Luxon's fast-track proposal looks set to be a radically anti-environment policy. It could give unbridled power to just two Ministers to approve developments like mega dairy farms, irrigation dams, seabed mining and mining on conservation land," Greenpeace spokesperson Gen Toop said.  

"Fast-tracking new corporate mega-dairy farms and irrigation dams will lead to more water pollution. And already, rural communities across the country are drinking nitrate-contaminated water, while many rivers and lakes are unswimmable." 

Topp says the Government has launched a "war on nature" and the fast-track consenting bill is just the start of it. 

Greenpeace is calling on the Government to scrap the fast-track bill. 

The Government announced at the beginning of February it's progressing with changes to resource management laws to establish a new "fast-track consenting one-stop shop regime". 

Regional Development Minister Shane Jones said the new regime will improve the speed and process for resource approvals for major infrastructure projects, unlocking opportunities in industries such as aquaculture and mining in the regions.