'Scary' funnel cloud appears over Auckland

  • 24/03/2024
An image from a video recording of the funnel cloud.
An image from a video recording of the funnel cloud. Photo credit: Faenza Clausen

Photos and video of an unusual cloud over Auckland is gripping Kiwis on social media.

MetService meteorologist Aidan Pyselman confirmed to Newshub it was a funnel cloud. 

"It doesn't appear to have touched down on land," he said.

"They form in an unstable atmospheric environment, with different wind directions at different levels - this causes the rotation and funnel shape. 

"While they are still well off the ground, they don't really pose any great risk of damage."

However, the funnel cloud has stunned people online.

One commenter on popular Facebook page NZ Stormchasers Group called it "scary", while another said they "got excited" but that it faded quickly.

On MetService's website, the weather agency says some tornadic systems such as funnel clouds, waterspouts and small land-based tornadoes are possible with thunderstorms that may not be classified as severe. 

There are no weather warnings in Auckland for Sunday, but the odd shower is forecast for the evening.