Daylight saving: Get ready to change your clocks

  • 06/04/2024
Daylight saving: Get ready to change your clocks
Photo credit: Getty Images.

Daylight saving will come to an end at 3am on Sunday, so get ready to set your clocks back one hour.

Most will feel like they get an extra hour's sleep.

Modern devices will change time automatically, but it pays to change your analogue clocks, ovens, microwaves, and car dashboards.

It's also a good time to check the batteries in your home's smoke alarms are still good to go, says Fire and Emergency/Whakaratonga Iwi.

The end of daylight saving always falls on the first Sunday of April as winter approaches. 

Sunrise on Saturday was at 7:38am in Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland, but on Sunday it'll be about an hour earlier at 6:40am - meaning early risers won't have to wait so long for the sun to appear.

Sunset will also be an hour earlier on Sunday night.

Due to the Earth's slight tilt of about 23 degrees, Aotearoa is exposed to more sunshine hours in summer and fewer in winter.

For example, this year's summer solstice on December 21 will have an average of five hours, four minutes extra daylight, compared to the shortest day on June 21.

But in the southernmost part of the country at Rakiura/Stewart Island, residents get an extra seven hours, 23 minutes extra daylight on the longest versus the shortest day.

Only one-third of countries around the world change their clocks for daylight saving, according to Pew Research.