Pak'nSave Henderson worker struck in the face three times, shoves customer to ground

A video, posted to TikTok and since removed, shows the moment an Auckland Pak'nSave worker was hit in the face three times then shoved a customer to the ground in "self defence".

About 4pm on Monday, a person seen leaving the Pak'nSave Henderson store was suspected of not paying for two bags of groceries.

A Foodstuffs spokesperson told Newshub the video "doesn't show the full story", but explained how they were approached by store security who "politely" asked if they could check her bags. 

"The alleged shoplifter became aggressive and began shouting and behaving violently towards our team member, who was joined by several fellow teammates in an attempt to diffuse the situation.  

"The alleged shoplifter struck one of our team members in the face three times before he took proactive action to prevent further assault, by pushing the alleged shoplifter away. 

"The alleged shoplifter continued to shout and yell at team members until she was escorted off the premises."

The spokesperson said the staff member received a cut to his chin.  

However, the spokesperson added it's an example of what staff were seeing more and more.

"Supermarkets are on the frontline of the rising trend of retail crime and it's a sad reality that incidents such as shoplifting, assault and other aggressive behaviour are becoming much more frequent.

"This behaviour is not acceptable in our stores and will not be tolerated. The matter has been referred to police."  

Police told Newshub they were contacted on Monday afternoon about an earlier incident at the supermarket.

"Police are in the early stages of investigating the circumstances of this matter further," a spokesperson said.