Two people arrested after woman abducted in Auckland's North Shore

Two people have been arrested following a kidnapping in Auckland's North Shore overnight.

It comes as a police search took place for the offenders on Wednesday after a woman was kidnapped following an "altercation" in Beach Haven.

"Police have taken two people into custody, as an investigation into the abduction of a woman in Beach Haven last night continues," a police spokesperson said.

Police said the pair, a 32-year-old man and 28-year-old woman, were found in central Auckland on Wednesday afternoon.

The man, from Dairy Flat, faces multiple serious charges, including kidnapping, wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, commission of a crime using a firearm and burglary with a firearm.

Meanwhile, the woman from Bayview has been arrested in connection with outstanding warrants to arrest, and will also be appearing on a charge of failing to carry out obligations relating to a computer search.

Police said the victim, who was abducted in Beach Haven on Monday evening, is recovering from her injuries in hospital.

"She will have a long road to recovery, and we will be looking to speak further with her around what has occurred,” Detective Inspector Callum McNeill said.

"We do not believe this was a random incident."

On Tuesday evening, police rushed to Beach Haven in big numbers at around 7:30pm after reports a woman had been injured and abducted.

Det Insp McNeill said three people arrived at a property on Sunnyhaven Ave in Beach Haven just before 7:30pm.

One resident shared to a local community Facebook page they saw nine police cars and armed officers on the road. Another described hearing what she thought was "a gunshot".

"An altercation has occurred, with the female occupant of the address being forced into the vehicle," said McNeill. "As this has unfolded, the firearm has been discharged and this has been the subject of multiple reports from neighbours to police."

Police remain at the scene on Wednesday afternoon.
Police remain at the scene on Wednesday afternoon. Photo credit: Newshub

Ruth Jackson, who lives next door, told Newshub she heard an "incredibly loud bang" at around 7:15pm.  

"I have absolutely no experience whatsoever with guns, but it was unmistakably a gun and not a car backfiring."  

She said she ran out of her house and heard a "whole lot of commotion" coming from the property.  

"There were people running, there was a woman with a couple of kids who had run across the street," Jackson said. 

"There were a couple of teenagers running out of the house and into the street saying there had been people with guns".  

She said she told people to get off the street and go into her house where they "could be safe". 

Neighbour Ruth Jackson said the community is rattled following the incident.
Neighbour Ruth Jackson said the community is rattled following the incident. Photo credit: Newshub

Jackson said two children aged 6 and 11 stayed in her house for a couple of hours along with "various family members". 

"The kids were talking about it. I really feel for the little kids, they were visiting their nan and have now ended up being involved in quite a dangerous situation." 

"I hope the schools reach out and provide counselling to those kids who need it."   

She said the neighbourhood "is quite rattled" following the incident.  

"Next door here, a couple of weeks ago, there was a previous attempt to kidnap the same woman I believe," she said.  

Jackson said "heavily armed police" remain at the scene today. 

"It seems the police had been here quite long. We were asleep and they were still there," she said.

According to the caregiver of the victim, speaking to Stuff, a woman and two men - one of whom had a shotgun - stomped into the house and through to the sleep-out where they reportedly proceeded to pull the woman out of the sleep-out.

"She's in shock," the caregiver told Stuff.

"I took her in because she has been battling a few demons."

The caregiver said one of the men involved was obsessed with the victim despite never having a romantic relationship.

Neighbours in the area were told to stay inside on Tuesday night.
Neighbours in the area were told to stay inside on Tuesday night. Photo credit: Newshub

Another neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, told Newshub the people next door heard a woman calling for help late last night. 

She said the woman, described as "a white lady with blonde hair", was screaming for help.

"She jumped a fence and came to their sliding door asking for help," she said. "They offered to call the police but she didn't want them to call the police and started running a few blocks down."

"Someone was chasing her, she was so scared."

The woman told Newshub she felt scared after hearing armed police tell residents to stay inside.  

"We came out to see what was happening. The police came to every house and were scanning through the bush and couldn't find anything." 

"We have a small area of bush behind our house and police were even looking through that." 

"They had a police dog and they were trying to find the person," she said 

When asked who lives in the area, she said "mainly young couples and working professionals". 

She admitted "it's a good thing the area has so many cameras". 

"This is why cameras are good. With something like that, you need cameras."

Police remain at the scene where a kidnapping took place on Tuesday evening.
Police remain at the scene where a kidnapping took place on Tuesday evening. Photo credit: Newshub

As a result of information received in Beach Haven, officers raced to the nearby suburb of Greenhithe where they blocked Mackay Dr and found the injured female, police said.

"These injuries are not in relation to the firearm being discharged," McNeill said on Wednesday.

"We have been speaking to a number of witnesses in the area and this will continue."

A cordon in place in Beach Haven overnight has since been removed but a heavy police presence would remain in place throughout North Shore, McNeill said.

"I know this incident will be alarming to the Beach Haven community and we are treating this matter very seriously.

"The public will continue to see our staff in the area in response to what has occurred.

"We are asking anyone that has information and hasn't yet spoken to investigation staff to come forward."