Auckland Transport may make Wynyard Quarter exempt from parking increases

Auckland Transport says it may make Wynyard Quarter exempt from increased street parking costs until the Wynyard Bridge reopens.

The 100-metre long Wynyard crossing pedestrian bridge, which opens and closes for boats to pass and pedestrians to cross, has been stuck in the up position and closed to the public since March.

Last week, it was decided a free ferry would be brought in to take pedestrians across Auckland's Viaduct basin while the bridge remained inoperable.

Auckland Transport said new CBD street parking costs will see people pay to park overnight, on Sundays and on public holidays.

Overnight charges will be $2 an hour in most areas, and $3 in the most central areas.

AT said the changes would come into effect on 1 July, but it was considering delaying their introduction to Wynyard Quarter until the bridge was operating again.

All paid council parking in town centres and other paid parking zones was being reviewed, it said.