Brick by brick: Jacob Hawkins' Lego marathon for climate action

An Auckland man is helping the victims of climate change - brick by brick.

Jacob Hawkins is building as many Lego sets as he can in this year's World Vision 40-Hour Challenge, which is supporting communities across Asia-Pacific on the frontline of the climate crisis. 

It's technical, time-consuming - some might say tedious. For Jacob Hawkins building Lego is anything but child's play.

"All these pieces blend together so they start to look the same after a while," he told Newshub.

Initially, Hawkins set out to 40 sets of Lego in 40 hours, but settled for 18, adding "that's more than enough".

Hawkins is just one of 40,000 who is raising money for this year's World Vision 40-Hour Challenge - raising awareness of climate change.

"The fact that I'm able to sit down and raise some money just by building Lego and that money goes straight over to the Asia Pacific who are struggling with climate change, it's a good cause to get behind."

While also getting in front of an online audience.

"If I was sitting here by myself in silence it would probably drag on a lot longer so thanks to you guys coming through to have a chat with me, it makes it a lot more bearable."

But hours of building takes its toll.

"I've got to say every now and then I catch my neck. I'm gonna be grateful to lie down tonight, I might need to go to the chiropractor later."

As for the hands - "I feel like I'm going to have a permanent brick indent."

And brick by brick Hawkins is building up his pile of money to donate to a very good cause.