Kiwi teenager creates website for second-hand school uniforms to combat 'crazy expensive' prices

  • 04/06/2024

The cost of school uniforms is a pain every parent will know but as the cost-of-living crisis makes getting even the basics hard for many families, one Kiwi teenager is taking action.   

Kitting kids out for school is far from cheap with the average cost of a new uniform topping $400.   

But Napier Year 12 Student Hugo Moffett, 17, is trying to change that. Moffet set up a second-hand uniform website just over a month ago to make them more affordable.   

"I first had the idea when I ripped my school pants and I was like, 'Oh no, I have to go to the uniform shop'. I went there and checked the days it was open, and it was only open two days a week and only for an hour at a time. So, I waited for the time I could finally go and then I went... it was a mission to find what I was after and it $75 almost $80 for a pair of school pants – just real basic ones and I just thought – that's not good. So yeah, I made the site," he told AM co-host Lloyd Burr.   

Moffett said he is terrible with technology so contacted a website designer to build it.   

The website is similar to Facebook Marketplace and lets Kiwis buy and sell second-hand uniforms from a variety of schools.   

Moffett added the website is still new, but he hopes people get on board to save money and help reduce waste.   

"It helps reduce waste and [uniforms] are crazy expensive."  

The website can be found here.   

Watch the full interview above.