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A dog kept in small, squalid cage at the LPT facility.

Horror animal testing lab with shackled monkeys, injured dogs faces closure after raid

Disturbing footage of the inhumane treatment has been released online.

Gonzalo Caballero, seen being gored by a different bull in 2017.

King of Spain's niece's matador boyfriend gored in the groin

The bull's horn punctured a vital vein.

The ranch vice president believes a "cult" was behind the attack.

Cows mutilated on US farm, cult believed to have 'cut off their sex organs'

"That is so outside the bounds of normal activity."

A major overhaul of animal welfare regulations covers everything from stock transport, horse castrations, and the treatment of farm dogs.

Southland farm and contractor convicted after more than 100 cows suffer tail breaks

"The pain would be acute lasting at least seven days."

The man was seen celebrating after the incident.

'Disgraceful, pitiful': Video emerges of police officer stoning wombat to death

The footage shows the man stalking the helpless creature.

Lime has condemned the act of vandalism.

Auckland woman 'disgusted' after Lime scooters dumped in pond

Lime said it "was not okay" to use its scooters in acts of vandalism.

Watch: Kiwi tourists urged not to ride elephants in Thailand.

Pygmy elephant found dead in Malaysian river, riddled with bullets

Poachers are believed to have stolen its tusks.

A dog.

Porirua man charged for thrashing dog who bit his child

"Beating an animal blind... is horrific and absolutely not the answer."

Watch: Security footage of the incident.

'Unacceptable': Mayoral candidate shares video of 'school kid' throwing a stone at dog

"It's actually upset me that someone would think that it's okay to do this."

Wildlife activists accused the temple's monks of illegally breeding tigers.

Dozens of inbred tigers die after being 'rescued'

The temple they formerly lived at was accused of drugging and abusing the animals.

The dog was found by RSPCA inspectors.

Woman fined after dog found dead in laundry

"The poor dog's last days would have been torturous."

According to the social media post, Tikiiri's body is concealed by a festival outfit.

'Despicable', 'heartbreaking' images emerge of emaciated service elephant

An elephant foundation claims its body is concealed by a festival outfit.

Warning: This video may disturb some people.

'Disturbing', 'sickening' video of girl putting dog in dryer prompts police investigation

Livestreamed Instagram footage of the incident has gone viral.

Paw Justice warns they could be prosecuted for their actions.

'Disgusting': Horrific video shows Kiwis beating pig with axe

Paw Justice warns they could be prosecuted for their actions.

Watch: Robert Irwin appears on 'The Tonight Show' with Jimmy Fallon.

Steve Irwin's son named in PETA investigation over animal cruelty

The investigation is over a segment on Jimmy Fallon's show.

New York has banned pet owners from declawing their cats.

'Cruel' cat declawing banned by New York

The state's lawmakers signed the legislation on Monday.

Animal Cruelty

Twitch streamer apologises for throwing cat

"She is using the platform to post animal abuse, which sends a dangerous message."

Watch: A Newshub story about Star's stabbing.

Man pleads not guilty to stabbing miniature horse

Star died after being stabbed 40 times.

Watch: SPCA lays live baiting charges against top greyhound trainer Brendon Cole.

Activists hope to chase away Wellington Steeplechase fans

Punters will be confronted by protesters on Saturday.

Animal Cruelty

Spanish festival-goers taunt bulls, chase them into water

It comes after five people were injured at the event on Sunday.