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Goliath when found by SPCA inspectors.

Dog left chained up with no water in horrific abuse case

A Whangarei woman has been sentenced to community work over the dog's rough treatment.

Animal Cruelty

Dog involved in one of SPCA's worst cases can't find a home

"We are looking for the perfect family to give George the life he deserves."

SAFE and the rodeo industry disagree on how animals in the sport are treated.

Animal rights protesters prepare for rodeo season

Rodeo fans say they've made the sport safer, but activists will protest anyway.

Video: A report on the bust.

US police uncover huge animal fighting ring

More than 1000 animals were confiscated, as well as nearly 2kg of drugs.

Watch: Poaching is a major threat to animals in Africa.

Mass slaughter of 87 elephants near wildlife sanctuary

The killings come months after Botswana disarmed its anti-poaching units.

The practice of Japanese aquariums buying dolphins from Taiji has came under heavy criticism.

Plight of Honey the lonely dolphin sparks Japanese anger

She's been abandoned in a derelict aquarium since the beginning of the year.

The two Christchurch high school students violently attack a possum.

Vile video emerges of Christchurch students abusing possum

The young men violently tossed the animal against a fence

A leopard seal was shot repeatedly on a Northland beach.

Police identify teens who allegedly shot seal in face

They say four young people killed the leopard seal at a Northland beach.

Animal Cruelty

SPCA investigating after disturbing video of students laughing at injured cat

"These recent videos highlight how critical it is to educate and break the cycle of cruelty in our country."

The seal.

Leopard seal's death 'disgusting' - expert

Marine biologist Ingrid Visser wants the culprit to hand themselves in.

SAFE's Hans Kriek says the sport is cruel.

Greyhound deaths likely going unreported - animal rights campaigner

Calls for the racing industry to be shut down are growing louder.

A man has been sentenced with two counts of animal cruelty

Man who had sex with horse claims it consented

He says it gave permission with a wink.

First XV rugby players torturing the bird on video.

School rugby stars suspended for abusing bird

Social media footage shows them brutally torturing and killing the bird.

The open pit, filmed by Farmwatch, contained hundreds of bones of cows and calves, some of which had their throats cut.

Horrific pit full of cow skeletons found on Northland farm

The pit contained hundreds of rotting cow and calf corpses, some with their throats slit.

Valerie Curran saved 25 dogs in China and brought seven of them home with her.

Woman rescues dogs from being eaten

She saved 25 dogs in China and brought seven of them home with her.

A covert operation captured a Northland farmer violently beating his cows.

Hidden cameras capture farmer's sickening cow abuse

Video shows the Northland farmer violently beating animals.

A man has been filmed punching a possum in the face.

Possum punch condemned as 'appalling' cruelty

"If it was a dog or cat being punched violently in the face, there would be no discussion about this."

Ms McIntyre Clere told The AM Show tales of shooters going out in the dark across Australia and shooting kangaroos when they're out at night

Australia's kangaroos facing 'largest wildlife massacre in the world'

Kiwi director of new doco says people have no idea what really goes on with the iconic animal.

Hotel guests in Kaikōura discovered more than nine dead red-billed gulls on Sunday morning.

Native birds shot, crushed to death in Kaikōura

DoC is investigating after the threatened gulls were found dead.

Animal Cruelty

The disturbing way one couple made money on YouTube

The government is investigating could take legal action.