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Ms McIntyre Clere told The AM Show tales of shooters going out in the dark across Australia and shooting kangaroos when they're out at night

Australia's kangaroos facing 'largest wildlife massacre in the world'

Kiwi director of new doco says people have no idea what really goes on with the iconic animal.

Hotel guests in Kaikōura discovered more than nine dead red-billed gulls on Sunday morning.

Native birds shot, crushed to death in Kaikōura

DoC is investigating after the threatened gulls were found dead.

Animal Cruelty

The disturbing way one couple made money on YouTube

The government is investigating could take legal action.

Animal Cruelty

School under investigation after live tiger brought to prom

An expert says the tiger's behaviour shows it was not enjoying the party.

Joe and Lizzie Sabo

Australian couple devastated after finding pet alpacas shot dead

The alpaca killings are the second in the area in the last eight months.

Shamba the lion

Lion mauls owner who reared him from birth

The feline pounced on him and dragged him into the bushes.

The alligator didn't respond.

Alligator harassment a 'new level of stupid'

They threw carrots at the 3.3m carnivore, and are probably lucky to be alive.

A 2017 report found high levels of greyhounds being euthanised and injured.

Head of NZ Racing 'uncomfortable' with inactivity on animal welfare

A 2017 report found high rates of greyhounds being euthanised and injured.

Two pig dogs were burned alive in Northland.

Police arrest Northland man over hunting dogs' deaths

The man was brought into the Kaitaia Police station last night by family members.

Two pig dogs were burned alive in Northland.

Third dog poisoned after two burnt alive, Northland owner says

"It's plain evil what they've done," a heartbroken Chad Scrivener said. "They don't give a f***."

Brothers Theo and Chad Scrivener

Police warn against vigilante justice for Northland dog killers

The dogs were burned alive after thieves set fire to a stolen ute.

Animal rights organisation Paw Justice shared an edited version of the "horrific" video in an effort to identify this man.

NZ man films himself violently stomping kitten to death

An animal rights group has shared the "horrific" video in an effort to identify him.

A French bulldog suffocated after being placed in an overhead locker.

Flight attendant unaware dog was in overhead bin, says airline

A French bulldog died after being forced into an baggage locker on a United flight.

Theo and Chad Scrivener.

Thieves set fire to stolen ute with dogs trapped inside

A Northland family has been left devastated by the cruel act.

The spiked meat.

Dog food spiked with mystery pills left on lawn

Local vets in Orewa thankfully haven't reported any cases of poisoned pets.

Trapped by clubgoers, flashing lights and loud music, the horse became spooked and threw off its rider.

US nightclub shut down after horse rode onto dancefloor

Footage shows the very spooked steed bucking its bikini-clad rider off.

It is thought to have suffered the cruelty between 24 and 48 hours before it was found.

Puppy found with mouth, eyes super-glued closed

The canine had also suffered heavy bruising to its abdomen.

SAFE and the rodeo industry disagree on how animals in the sport are treated.

Animal activists dispute rodeo industry's 'strange' claims

The rodeo season is winding down, but the war of words isn't.

Rodeo has been the centre of protests all summer.

Rodeos don't use electric prods, tail-twisting - Michael Laws

The rodeo industry has denied using most of the controversial practises the Govt is investigating.

She was supposed to go to a forever home. Instead they ate her.

Molly the adopted pet pig eaten by new owners

She was supposed to go to a forever home. Instead they ate her.