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Jackass star Steve-O admits to snorting cocaine splattered with HIV-positive blood

"This is how desperate and pathetic my addiction was."

Watch: Women with advanced breast cancer marched on Parliament last year to demand access to life-extending drugs.

The drugs that get Kiwi doctors in trouble

Very few are disciplined for inappropriately prescribing drugs, new research has found.

Watch: There is strong support for legalisation of cannabis, but question over how to do it remains.

Cannabis cons ignored in legalisation debate - experts

Find out what they're suggesting New Zealand does instead.

China has blasted Canada for "irresponsible" remarks after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused the country of the "arbitrarily" sentence of Robert Schellenberg.

Canada asks China to spare life of citizen

He allegedly conspired to smuggle 222kg of meth into China.

Synthetic drugs have caused a public health crisis in New Zealand.

Cannabis convictions fall while meth still on the rise

One Northland city has almost three times the consumption of Christchurch.


Women film themselves smoking meth in school carpark

One of them says she's known for doing drugs in the area.

Jake the sniffer dog is back on his way to recovery.

Drug dog overdoses on ecstasy at EDM party

Jake "started having some problems with balance" after finding the baggie.


Girl rescued after she posted photos of her dead father to Facebook

She was rescued as the family dog began to eat him.


Over 4000 drivers breath-tested at Bay Dreams

Police say they're pleased with the results.

Luke Rance

Young drug dealers in Wales admired for good 'grammar and punctuation'

The two men have escaped a jail sentence.

Lauren Biddle

Drug charges laid in spa pool death investigation

Police initially said they were treating the death as unexplained.

Ecstasy tablets on black background

No time to be 'high and mighty' about drug-testing at festivals - Nash

"No country" has ever stopped drugs coming in, and the Police Minister says NZ is no different.


Drug testing uncovers more laced pills at music festival

The drug has been linked to deaths overseas.

GISBORNE, NEW ZEALAND - DECEMBER 30:  Tinie Tempah performs during day two on December 30, 2010 in Gisborne, New Zealand.  (Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

Drug testing kits could feature at New Zealand festivals

The news comes after a bad batch of drugs was found headed for R&V.

"You don't know what you're taking."

Warning about drug safety after pesticide-laced pills seized

"You don't know what you're taking."

Watch: The Government is considering making drug testing at festivals legal.

Rhythm and Vines organisers stop bad drugs entering festival

So-called MDMA actually contained pesticides, antibiotics and paint.

Up to 800 Kiwis a year face a lingering and painful death from alcohol.

Dry January's effects long-lasting - study

If you're planning to resume drinking in February, you might find it's not so easy.

"Everybody said I was a disgrace and I was making the country look bad."

Man has 'so much' regret over snorting cocaine off Pablo Escobar's grave

"It was funny at the time, but I'm ashamed."

Nelson MP Nick Smith.

Petition for roadside drug testing launched by Nelson family

It marks the anniversary of their son's death.

More FM hosts discuss Yanny vs Laurel.

The strangest yarns from around the world in 2018

Every year it seems the world is getting less predictable.