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Hawke's Bay police looking into gang-related attack

Two people were assaulted, five vehicles were damaged and a shot was fired.


Garner reveals terrifying encounter with gang member

He told a man speeding down the street to slow down.

Mitchell Paterson was one of three people killed in the Waikato in two weeks.

Horrific new details in McLaren Falls homicide case

Mitchell Paterson was beaten to death, police revealed.


Killer Beez leader released from prison

He had been previously denied parole.

Senior Head Hunters are connected to the meth trade.

Head Hunters meth boss wins appeal against sentence length

He claimed imprisonment would result in "extra suffering".


Former gangster admits role in Tupac murder

He says he knows who pulled the trigger, too.

Jarrod Gilbert wrote the book on gangs in New Zealand.

Gang violence down because they're mostly old men - expert

Violent offending by gang members or their prospects has dropped 10 percent since 2014

Gang violence in New Zealand is on the decline.

Gang violence decreasing across NZ

Violent crime has dropped significantly in some areas.


Changing the culture on a street that's home to three gangs

A notorious gang street has had a change of fortune, thanks to a former policeman with a passion for basketball.


Woman's teary plea to Housing NZ over gangs on her street

"One way or another, they're going to kill or rustle some kid."

Jim Lord on The AM Show.

Trafficking in NZ likely thanks to Chinese immigrants - expert

A former US Department of Justice prosecutor says the "most heinous" traffickers operate out of China.

The Minister for Police is considering targeting gang members committing benefit fraud.

Which is New Zealand's biggest gang?

Numbers have grown by 1500 in two years.

Methamphetamine also known as crystal meth

Police raid uncovers huge meth, money and marijuana haul

Thousands of dollars and a cannabis-growing operation were found at the Christchurch gang house.

Watch: Johnny Danger's legacy of wild online videos.

Gang member knocks out motorcyclist at Johnny Danger memorial ride

It came after a Head Hunters member was knocked off his motorbike by a passing ute.

National leader Simon Bridges says the "guys and girls" in government won't get tough on gangs, even if the police minister wants to.

Bridges says Labour 'guys and girls' won't get tough on gangs

The National leader says the police minister is making promises his party won't fulfill.

Handcuffs laying on top of fingerprint chart in file

Govt wants to go after gangs for benefit fraud

The Police Minister says it's like getting gangster kingpin Al Capone for tax evasion.


Gang member who threatened James Rolleston apologises

The Mongrel Mobster claims his life was at breaking point, which drove him to call the actor a "b*tch ass n****r".

A Kawerau local says about 50 police cars have descended on the town.

Police storm gang properties across Bay of Plenty

A Kawerau local says about 50 police cars have descended on the town.


Crips gangster shot as he attempts to attack witness

Siale Angilau later died from his injuries.

Data shows it's now easier to get meth than cannabis in New Zealand.

It's much easier to get P than cannabis in NZ - study

Police have launched a taskforce in Tauranga to combat the country's meth problem.