Kaikoura - Latest News and Headlines

Watch: Meet the Mayors around New Zealand.

Kaikoura mayoralty on a knife-edge

One of the candidates plans to take that knife to council spending, should he win.

Dr Adrian Dahood-Fritz.

Kaikōura dolphin scientist dies in California boat fire

"She was a brilliant scientist and immensely dedicated to preserving all animals."

Watch: Some people think the moon can cause earthquakes.

Alpine Fault quake: Is the big one coming?

One of the country's potentially most destructive fault lines is rumbling.

Watch: A front is moving north - bringing possible thunderstorms and hail to Auckland.

Weather: 'Polar surge' keeps NZ chilled as winter kicks in

Temperatures are expected to be below average on Sunday.


Shower of rocks the size of basketballs smashes Christchurch man's car

"It kind of puts life in perspective."

Watch: Major changes proposed to commercial fishing by Government

Man fined for impersonating fishery officer and ripping off tourists

He said he should take their equipment, and their car.


IAG not withdrawing from Wellington market

However it's 'changing its approach' to insurance after feedback.

There were concerns they wouldn't come back after the 2016 quakes.

Kaikōura Coast seal colony returns, captivating tourists

There were concerns they wouldn't come back after the 2016 quakes.

What causes New Zealand's earthquakes?

The region hit by more earthquakes than any other in 2018

The effects of major 2016 quakes continue to be felt.

Quake-measuring devices were placed on the Hikurangi fault in 2018 in a tough mission.

Hikurangi subduction zone: Scientists prepare for imminent threat

"We know a rupture at some point in the future is certain."

The Reading Cinema Carpark was demolished after earthquake damage.

Reading Cinemas Wellington closing after damage in 2016 earthquake

The building was damaged in the 2016 Kaikōura quake.

The coastal town landed on the world's radar after being struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in 2016.

Why Kaikōura topped Airbnb's trending destinations list

Head of policy Chris Lehane says New Zealand has an "incredible brand".

Watch: Video shows dramatic landscape changes following Kaikoura earthquake

Kaikōura tops Airbnb trending destinations list for 2019

The exciting news comes after a challenging couple of years for the town.


Heavy rain battering New Zealand again this week

Dunedin had its wettest November on record.

A video shows some of the dramatic landscape changes in Kāikoura on the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake.

North and South Islands 'creeping' closer together

It's a direct result of the complex 2016 Kaikōura earthquake, scientists say.

The Kaikōura quake triggered an undersea 'canyon flushing' event that wiped out an entire ecosystem, research has found.

Kaikōura-Picton passenger train reconnects after two years

It's been described as a rebuild effort "not seen since World War II".


Koru shaped cloud hugs South Island coast

"It's definitely a novelty."


Video shows dramatic landscape changes after Kāikoura quake

It's been two years since the devastating 7.8-magnitude tremor rocked New Zealand.

The mission was tough, but the scientific rewards will be great.

Quake-measuring devices placed on the Hikurangi fault

Scientists have battled rough seas to place sensors at NZ's largest fault line.

Video: The sanctuary was severely damaged in the 2016 Kaikōura earthquake.

Popular seal lookout reopens two years after Kaikōura quake

Travellers can stop at Ōhau Point to look out for frolicking seal pups.