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British kitten in autumn park, fallen leaves

'Not acceptable': Dunedin man sentenced for beating cat to death

The piece of wood he used as a weapon was one metre long.

Listen: Mike Puru talks with geologist Martha Savage about New Zealand's largest faultline.

Akatore Fault 'bigger threat to Dunedin' than Alpine Fault

Experts warn the damage would be "much worse".


Dunedin gets $130m dental upgrade

A state-of-the-art new facility is just part of the ambitious revamp.

The Twizel-Omarama Rd

Fatal motorcycle crash near Twizel

A helicopter was dispatched.


Gun fired from car in Dunedin

Police want to know what was going on.

Protesters clashed with police as they tried to disrupt the annual Minerals Forum in Dunedin.

Watch: Climate change protesters blockade Dunedin mineral conference

One woman was injured in the confrontation, in which activists superglued their hands to the door of the Town Hall.

Police were alerted to the incident about 8:25am.

Power lines down after log truck's trailer tips

Roads are closed and traffic is being diverted.

Police units couldn't find any trace of the boat.

Dunedin SOS response blamed on hoax call

Police units couldn't find any trace of the boat.

Let's hope this isn't a mate of Pennywise.

Watch: Creepy clown caught roaming through Dunedin streets

"I've never seen anything like that before."

Watch: Last year's Aurora Australis from Wellington.

High chance NZ skies will be lit up by Southern Lights, says expert

Stewart Island and Dunedin have the best chances of seeing the Aurora Australis.

Watch: Wave scooters were the second e-scooter provider to launch in Auckland.

New e-scooter rules a start, but more to be done - Blind Foundation

The scooters pose a safety hazard to people who cannot see them.

An accessible parking space.

Countdown cracks down on accessibility parking thieves

People caught using the parks without a permit will be reported to council.


Why Otago Uni students reckon cheap bars would encourage safe drinking

They want Dunedin City Council to change its alcohol laws.

Watch: Young man tackles Dunedin's Baldwin St on Lime scooter

Truck driver not at fault in Dunedin lime scooter crash - report

The rider received serious injuries.

Police were notified of the incident and attended the cinema, but the man claimed it had been a "joke".

Group trespassed from Dunedin cinema after man claims 'Isis pays well'

He later told police it was a joke.

Saturn and the moon.

Saturn slips behind the moon in stunning photos taken by Kiwis

Kiwi stargazers snapped photos of Saturn going behind the moon overnight.

Watch: What laws govern cannabis and how much has thinking changed towards it?

Cannabis 4/20 event moves to Gore after cops intervene

"This is in f**king Gore now? How do I get my refund?" wrote one irate punter.


Freezing temperatures, fog halt flights in Dunedin

Only one flight has left the airport.

"You don't know what you're taking."

Laced drugs in Dunedin, warning not to take them

Drug tests revealed an unknown cathinone.

Video of the fire.

Five crews needed to fight Dunedin fire

The fire was near large tanks of gas.