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Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghehan

Couple who believed evil is 'make-believe' killed by Islamic State

They were travelling the world on bicycle, documenting human kindness.

Gay cake

Baker who refused to make a gay wedding cake back in court

This time he's accused of refusing to make a blue and pink transgender-themed treat.

One hotel replaced the bible with Fifty Shades of Grey.

Is it time to take Gideons Bibles out of hotel rooms?

It may be time to start a new chapter in hotel reading material.

Theresa May and Boris Johnson.

UK government split deepens over burqa comments

The comments came in a piece arguing against a ban on the Islamic full-face veil.


Kids of religious parents less likely to attempt suicide

This was independent of the child's own belief in the importance of religion.

Kent County Sheriff's Office

Parents refused baby medical care due to religious beliefs

The pair has now been charged with murder.

Ex-Muslim Imtiaz Shams believes New Zealand could do more to protect apostates.

Leaving religion: Ex-Muslim's liberating journey to apostasy

He believes New Zealand could do more to protect apostates.

Afghan flag

Suicide bomber kills 25 worshippers in Afghanistan

The attacker blew himself up inside a mosque in the eastern Paktia provincial capital of Gardez.

Theodore McCarrick is the first cardinal in living memory to lose his red at and title.

Cardinal accused of sexual abuse resigns

Theodore McCarrick is the first cardinal in living memory to lose his red hat and title.

Police in Melbourne clashed with anti-fascist protesters last week.

Anti-fascists gather to oppose Southern and Molyneux

Māori, Muslim, and migrant groups are taking a stand against a pair of far-right speakers bound for Auckland.

Watch: A police officer's journey from domestic violence to protecting victims.

How a strict religious upbringing prepared me for domestic abuse

Can the obedience expected of some religious kids make them more vulnerable? One survivor tells her story.

Evangelical Christians still support President Donald Trump despite his decidedly ungodly behaviour.

US pastor explains why evangelicals still support Donald Trump

The US President's behaviour is far from devout, but he still has Christian support.

Watch Paul Stevens on The Project.

Pressure mounts on Govt to ban gay conversion therapy

Now the youth wings are getting involved.

The Shroud of Turin, and a digitally enhanced image of the face.

Shroud of Turin a medieval fake - study

New tests suggest it wasn't used to cover Jesus Christ after his crucifixion.

Venus the Goddess of love

The truth behind Friday the 13th and its twisted meaning

The patriarchy strikes again.

A Man praying holding a Holy Bible.

Ad claiming prayer can medically heal amended after ASA complaint

The complainant said it was "useless quackery".

President Rodrigo Duterte has offered his resignation in exchange for proof God exists.

Rodrigo Duterte doubles down on attack on God

The Philippines President is asking believers for a selfie with the Creator.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa-linked home sold babies

The charity took in unmarried pregnant women then sold their children to childless couples.

The Cathedral was destroyed in the February 2011 earthquake.

ChristChurch Cathedral building work will begin end of July

After months of delays, the iconic structure is finally being restored.

Pope Francis.

Pope urges new cardinals to serve the poor

He urged them to shun "palace intrigues" and avoid "useless wrangling about who is most important".