Taranaki - Latest News and Headlines

The tornado caused over 3000 power cuts in the north Taranaki region on Monday.

Incredible footage captures tornado in Taranaki

The brutal weather in the region has wiped out power to more than 3000 homes.


Mystery surrounds grille cat's trip to Taranaki

He's from Ngāruawāhia, a small town the driver did not stop in.


Grille cat's family found

"He will be going back to a very happy family."


Barrett brothers' dad on history-making AB sons

All three of his sons have been named in the starting side.

Tests showed the West grandstand was in serious threat of damage if an earthquake hit the city.

Taranaki Rugby considers venue options

The key requirement is ensuring that lighting is up to Mitre 10 Cup standards.


Miracle survival: Cat clings to car's grille on Auckland-Taranaki trip

The cat struggled to hold on so much that he lost claws.

Yarrow Stadium.

'Death trap' stadium is a Taranaki tragedy

The council and stadium trust have huge questions to answer, says Patrick Gower.

Mount Taranaki/Egmont National Park.

Government announces $11m plan to eradicate predators in Taranaki

The total budget will be $47 million over five years.


Govt expected to announce sweetener for Taranaki

How does pest-free Taranaki sound?

The Government wants a 30-year phasing out of fossil fuels.

Oil workers can't get mortgages thanks to ban - National

National wants to reverse the Government's move to ban future exploration permits.

Merv Mackay was one of the oil and gas workers Jacinda Ardern spoke with in Taranaki.

Jacinda Ardern fronts Taranaki oil and gas workers in closed door meeting

It's the first time she's visit since announcing a ban on future exploration permits.

A sperm whale, physeter macrocephalus, underwater off Sri Lanka's east coast

Eight dead sperm whales found on Taranaki Beach

Local iwi have blessed the site, and DoC is planning its next steps.

700 Blue Whales discovered in Taranaki

Genetically distinct blue whales discovered in Taranaki

The same area is being targeted for oil and gas extraction.


Storms wake up Taranaki

Loud thunderstorms hit the region in the early hours of Monday morning.


What will a carbon-neutral future cost regional economies?

John-Michael Swannix investigates the consequences of transitioning our economy away from fossil fuels.

Two different families believe the North Taranaki whenua is theirs.

Māori whānau battles to win back Taranaki land

Two different families believe the whenua is theirs.

A Taranaki gallery is considering displaying a painting some have called racist.

Māori outraged as gallery considers exhibiting 'racist' painting

"We were called thieves and robbers because of that painting."

UK workplaces drew controversy last year for requiring employees to wear high-heels.

'No PJs or dirty gumboots': Kiwi cinema's dress code goes viral

Is Kiwi casual ok - or do we need some self-respect?

police car

Inglewood fight ends in death

A man has died following a fight in the Taranaki town of Inglewood.


Thousands of Aucklanders still without power

Meanwhile the wild weather continues around the North Island.