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Proposed West Coast mine

Application to mine on conservation land declined

The Government said any economic benefit would not outweigh ecological damage.

Learning Adventure day care centre.

West Coast teacher's HIV status revealed in letter to parents

The teacher was fired four weeks later.

The men were given a warning by police and there are no plans to lay charges, police say.

Two men warned by police after 1080 'terrorism' letter sent out

There are no plans to lay charges, police say.


Police investigate 1080 'terrorism' letter

Activists claim anyone involved in an upcoming 1080 drop is "committing an act of terrorism".

The Alpine Fault ruptures roughly every 300 years.

Simulation shows widespread damage if Alpine Fault ruptures

The fault line is expected to rupture within our lifetime.

Patrick Gower spoke to The AM Show on Wednesday about the two potential leaders.

Gower: The two contenders vying to lead Gloriavale

Meet the two men who want to take over.

Founder Hopeful Christian loved KFC and often shouted feeds for the sect.

Why they wear blue: The most unusual customs from inside Gloriavale

All eyes are on the religious West Coast sect following the death of Hopeful Christian.

Patrick Gower spoke to The AM Show on Wednesday after Hopeful Christian's death.

'Battle for control' brewing in Gloriavale after founder's death

The race is on for Hopeful Christian's replacement.

Police searched for Warren for a day after the shooting.

Man pleaded guilty to shooting dead 43yo woman in Greymouth

Her children were there when the incident happened.

Revoke notices are being sent to 359 truck owners and 257 trailer owners.

600 vehicle certifications revoked amid towbar issues

It follows more than 800 certifications being rescinded last month.

A group of experts have spent the past few days trying to decide the safest way to re-enter the mine.

Pike River re-entry edges closer as experts draft safe re-entry plan

Re-establishing ventilation has been declared a priority.

West Coast

Expelled Gloriavale man's struggle without his family

John Ready hasn't seen his wife or kids since Christmas Eve - he talks exclusively to Patrick Gower.

West Coast

'Please leave': Gloriavale leader confronted over expelled member

In an exclusive investigation, Patrick Gower challenges Hopeful Christian about John Ready being "shunned".


Arrest after West Coast shooting

A man has been arrested after another was shot in the shoulder on Friday night.

Storms are set to lash the country on Saturday.

A weekend of heavy rain and gales forecast

Coromandel and Bay of Plenty could have flooding and slips.

Alcohol Healthwatch's Nicki Jackson says many Kiwis are lucky to make it to adulthood.

'Senseless' peer pressure driving kids to drink

"Young people drink to get drunk - that's still one of the main reasons that young people drink."

West Coast

Second stormy blast to hit New Zealand overnight Thursday

Strong winds forecast to hit most of the North Island.

Thirty-three whales are reportedly stranded at the Okuru River.

Whales stranded near Haast

Dozens are reportedly stuck in a sandbar at the mouth of the Okuru River.

A blue duck, or whio.

Whio gets boost from breeding programme

The programme has supercharged efforts to repopulate central West Coast rivers with the native blue duck.

The man, 30 spent the night on the steep flume.

Man spends night at top of steep ledge before being winched to safety

He crawled for three hours with broken bones after falling 50metres.